The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide

Jules and Christine
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What the Other Guide Books Don't Tell You About Cuba! 

Updated December 2016 with New Information!


The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide paints a rich picture of this colorful country, through entertaining anecdotes and unique tips that you won't find in any other Cuba travelogue. 

If you're looking for authentic Cuba travel, this guidebook will make your planning easier, save you hundreds and ensure a memorable trip!

From practical tips like getting a tourist visa and what to do if you get sick, to in depth guides for finding unique, non-touristy experiences: this book is your ticket to seeing an authentic side of Cuba that most tourists miss out on.

Tried, tested and up-to-date tips and tricks from professional travel bloggers and Cuba experts Jules and Christine from Don't Forget To Move!

1) Havana Walking Guide + Map: Including locations like the best spot to watch a dominos game to the tastiest street pizza.

2) Cuba Travel Hacks: Travel hacks to make your trip as seamless as possible including budget hacks, packing hacks and cultural hacks to avoid looking like an obnoxious tourist!

We’ll Teach You…

• How to Get a Tourist Visa

• How to Legally Travel to Cuba as a US Citizen (or fly from the US)

• The Absolute Must See and Do Authentic Cuba Experiences

• Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck on Any Budget

• How to Find the Best and Most Reliable Internet

• How to Stay Safe in Cuba and Avoid Getting Scammed

• Tips for Traveling as a Couple, Solo Female and Solo Male

• What to Do If You Get Sick (And My Dengue Fever Story!)

• Food, Accommodation, Transport and Much More!

About the Authors:

Jules and Christine are the authors of The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide and travel bloggers at Don't Forget To Move. When they first visited Cuba back in 2013 they really were not sure what to expect. With a limited amount of accurate information online, they were hesitantly excited about this new destination. 

Luckily, they fell in love with Cuba from day one. In fact Cuba made such a great first impression that they immediately went to the airline office to extend their trip. Since that day Jules and Christine began a love affair with Cuba that will continue throughout their lives. 

They returned to the island in March 2016 and were determined to create a useful resource that allows Cuba newbies to get a taste of authentic life and experience what sets Cuba apart from the rest of the world. 

The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide is part guide book, part collection of the best kept secrets and part love letter to what makes Cuba, Cuba. 

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The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide

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